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For organisations

Participate in important and noble social undertakings.

  • Help victims of crime, witnesses and their relatives and partners.
  • Prevent the causes of crime.
  • Support those who found themselves in dire straits and want fresh start.

If you represent an organisation that is not in the public sector and not for profit,
but working to benefit crime victims, you can take part in an open competition for offers.

If you represent a body that is in the public finance sector, you can participate in a call for proposals.

Competitions and calls for proposals are conducted via the Witkac electronic system found at

Submission of a proposal in the system:

  1. Create a free account on the website
  2. Search for the competition / call for proposals you are interested in.
  3. Carefully read the terms in the announcement – your offer / proposal must meet the mandatory conditions included in the announcement.
  4. Submit an offer through the system.
  5. Print your offer / proposal and sign.
  6. Remember that an offer / proposal needs to be signed by a person authorised to represent the entity.
    In other cases, attach appropriate authorisation.
  7. Confirm documents constituting appendices in accordance with the guidelines in the announcement. Documents are confirmed by a person authorised to represent the entity.
  8. Send the offer with appendices to the address of the Ministry of Justice within the deadline given in the announcement.